Tuesday, October 27, 2009

House Hunting

Marcie and I have been house hunting recently. We've decided we want to move to a single family home in N Raleigh. This came after much thought and although it isn't necessary to move at this time, it would be nice. We're hoping that the government will offer a $15k tax credit as has been suggested. We would love to buy a new house and move but several things would have to happen first. We would need to be financially responsible so we can't buy anything too expensive (the $15k would seriously help out with that though). Also, we would need to sell our current house which requires a few repairs. The patio needs a slab of concrete and the whole house could use a paint job. Before all of that though, we want to redo the entire master bath first. We've bought a lot of the fixtures already so once we get the walls patched up and painted, we'll be ready to go.

Now, for a completely random picture. I've got to find something to do with the pictures so I might as well start posting them in every post. I could probably make this one fit as we might make pancakes in our new house but it doesn't matter. Its my blog and I don't have to make sense.

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