Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wedding Reception Music

Depending on your event, you probably won't need much for music. If you have a home stereo system, you could use those speakers to set up. If you hook up your laptop, you have access to as many songs as you can download. The best thing is after the event is over, you get to keep all of that music. My brother downloaded a bunch of jazz and big band type of music for me so now when ever I host a dinner party, I've got that music to keep. Check out THIS link for one of the cheapest ways to buy the music.

If you want to have a dance party with YMCA, Shout, and C'mon Ride that Train, then you'll need to rent a dance floor and have a dedicated dj who can select music based on the crowd. Otherwise, a laptop and some decent speakers are all you need.

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