Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon

Marcie and I went to see New Moon last night. It was CRAZY!

I expected to see lots of girls. Lots and lots of middle school girls but I was very surprised. They had six theaters at Crossroads completely filled. Before the movie started, they showed a preview for a movie that had Robert Paterson in it. The entire room erupted in girlish screams of delight.

That ended and a girl there decided to take a poll. Who's for team Edward and who is team Jacob. Again, both guys got screams from the ladies in the room.

The movie started and the first time Edward shows up on the screen, the screaming started again. Luckily, they quieted down during the actual film. That is until Jacob took off his shirt the first time. And the second. And every time after that. It was actually pretty funny.

The final gasp/scream came in the last line of the movie. Bella and Edward are talking. Edward asks Bella to marry him and the place erupts. It was quite the experience I'll say that.

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