Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cheap tickets to and from NY

Now that I'm on my savings kick, Marcie, my brother and I took the cheapest transportation from NY to Raleigh. The Chinatown bus is $30 to go from Canal St (chinatown) in NY to Buck Jones Road in Cary. The return trip is also $30 so you're looking at a round trip of $60. Granted the type of people who ride the bus are loud and show little respect for those around them however saving money is still more money in my savings account. We're just one step closer to paying off my car before our 1 year wedding anniversary.

PS, if you take the bus overnight like I did, everyone will be asleep so you don't have to put up with the noise.


Ashely said...

You trip me out!

Melissa said...

You guys are my heroes for posting this. I have taken the Chinatown bus from Boston to NY and NY to DC, but had NO IDEA there was one that came down to NC!!!! I am so excited!!