Monday, December 7, 2009

Grocery Savings part 3

Here's my latest receipt from this weekend. I try to stay under $40 a week on groceries ($20 per person/week) but this week there were too many good sales on meat.

First was the sale on Butterball Turkeys. Marcie has been wanting to bake a turkey for a while and has her bags ready to stuff and roast the bird we bought. They were on sale for a pretty good price already. I think they were 99 cent/lb. That's not the best price but its good enough. On top of that, I like to check the wine and beer isle for coupons. A lot of times they will have them around their necks. I found a coupon for $1.00 off Butterball turkey so that saved even one more dollar.

Next we bought ez peal shrimp. Typically they are just under $20 per a bag but Harris Teeter had a sale where when you buy one, you get two free. We picked up three good size bag of shrimp for under $20.

There were a few other savings but those were our biggest ones. This should last us a couple of weeks. Tallying things up, we paid $51.77 and saved $39.10. That's a savings of 43%. From there we moved to CVS for our next buy.

CVS has a great program called extra reward bucks. Basically, each week they will have items that are either free or near that because after you buy them, they give you store credit for the amount of the item. They only last 30 days so any time you see something for free, its a good idea to go ahead and spend your bucks on that item so you will be issued a new store credit.

This week, we bought eight ultra lithium batteries, Excedrin Menstrual (had a good coupon for this), and two Santa hats for what would of been $36.96. After using the extra reward bucks I had, I ended up only paying $10.48 which is a 72% savings. I was issued several more reward bucks for my next shopping order making me feel good about the purchase however it doesn't stop there. I've got a mail in rebate for $5 when you buy Energizer's Ultimate Lithium batteries. If I can find it, I would have two but I seem to have lost the other mail in rebate I had. After just one mail in rebate, I'm now at $5.48 for my final total. Not too bad huh?

Now my next shopping trip, I blew all my savings and then some. I gave in and bought a Nintendo wii. I've been wanting to buy the latest Zelda game as well as the Metroid Prime trilogy for a wile so I splurged and bought the $200 console. Before you're too disappointed with my lack of thrift, I did do my homework. The price of the console is the same everywhere however Walmart was offering a $50 gift card with your purchase. Since they have stuff you need every day anyways, you could kind of say I got it for $150. In actuality, I'll end up spending that on Zelda or Metroid but it makes me feel better.

Finally, we went to Target and wasted all kinds of savings. We went in for the $15 pre-wrapped DVD for a gift and ended up spending over $10 on Christmas cards. Luckily, we got all of our shopping done except for one item. Once that is picked up, all that is left is for Marcie to finish making the Smittens. I won't describe them any more since she's making them as presents for people.

I get so excited about this couponing thing. I think it is even starting to rub off on Marcie. We've done most all of our Christmas shopping and our grocery shopping is done for the next two weeks except for a few fresh produce items we'll need to pick up next week. We went from spending $70 every week to $40 a week on food so now we can start paying off our cars sooner. As soon as those are paid off, we can look at new houses and consider having kids. Next year, Lord willing, will be an interesting year for us.

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