Wednesday, January 13, 2010


As I said in my last blog, there was a babysitting adventure recently. Marcie and I agreed to watch Jayden Saturday. He was a perfect angel that entire day. We played with him and fed him and took care of him through out the day. around 4:30 we decided to go out on the town. Marcie and I went to our favorite restaurant, Flemings.

Let me stop right there for a moment. I have to talk about Flemings. They are your normal steak and potatoes place and their food is really great but that isn't why we love the place. For $39.99, they have a pre-fixed menu that includes two appitisers to choose from, three entries to choose from and one desert. The options change every three to four months. Last month, we fell in love with the squash soup. We were inspired to attempt our own from it. This month, they have Manhattan clam chowder, roast duck and apple crisp. It was awesome! Evidently it takes them three days to prepare the duck. Next I think we'll try the short stack ribs. I hear they are really good too but now back to our adventure.

So Jayden was an angel the whole time. He fell asleep in the car on the way there. He was asleep till we ordered dessert. Then he patiently waited till we were done. Next, we walked next door to crabtree valley mall. We stuck his car seat in a cart and pushed him around the mall. We had it set up so he could look around as we shopped. He was very excited to see all the colors and shapes. We got lots of complements on "our baby" and by the end, we gave up and just said thanks. The one thing is, you can't get out of a store with a baby and not get lots of attention. We also figured out a great prop method for his bottle (as seen in the pic above) so that we can shop while he drinks.

It was about 10:00 when we got home and he was hungry. We fed him and changed his diaper and thought he was ready for bed. Since we aren't real parents, we don't know how to hold a baby before they go to sleep. We tried different angles and methods and nothing would work. He just kept crying. At midnight, we're both tired and cranky at each other. Marcie changes his diaper one more time and walks him up and down the steps. That seemed to do it somehow (or maybe he was exhausted from all of the crying) and he went to sleep for three hours. At three in the morning, I could have showed Marcie how much I loved her and gotten up to feed Christopher again but instead, I let her do it. This wasn't as bad. He went to sleep pretty quick and didn't wake up again till 6:30.

Amy got sick so we couldn't get him back to her at 1:00 pm like we had planned so we didn't get to start our bathroom till much later. We didn't finish till around midnight again. Exhausted from two full days and a full night of hustle and bustle, we ended up taking the next day off of work. Next time we babysit, I think we're going to get some kind of contract set up so we can finish with him in time to recover for work.

On the plus side, The bathroom is almost finished. I'll post pictures of what we've done but that is for another day.

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marcie said...

"I could have shown Marcie how much I loved her...." you crack me up bb's!