Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Its really interesting how blind political figures are. The know the public is disappointed in how things are going but they don't understand what is the real issue. Democrats are pushing the blame now to the Fed Reserve chair and saying he was to blame for unregulated spending, pork bills, and government run health care that made them unpopular in the first place.

Both parties in general have problems but the problem with the democratic party right now is that they don't have a good budget. I liken it to this example in my life. I joined a gym with Marcie. That is $70 a month just to enter those doors. On top of that, trainers are trying to sell me training sessions. I know they will show me results for my money and they will do a good job. The problem is they are trying to talk me into changing my budget. Good money management says you should not increase your budget unless your income increases also. The only other option is to steal money from other areas thus decreasing other opportunities.

That's what our politicians are doing now. Free health insurance would be nice but unless they increase our taxes (we're at at least 30% now), they will have to take away other privileges that we enjoy. Here's a quote they should memorize: "Its all about the money all of the time."

With that being said, set up regulations, put penalties on companies that don't comply but don't start distributing things for free. Everyone knows government run projects cost painfully more then the same project in the private sector.

DOT - Need I say more

DOD - Remember the $200 hammers and such?

USPS - There is talk of them going broke unless certain things change like only delivering on weekdays or really increasing stamp costs. When was the last time you sent a package USPS? I tend to use UPS as they are fast, reliable, and usually a little cheaper.

Public Education - The cost to send a kid to a public school on a tax payer is over $30k. The ratio of students to non teaching employees is 3-1. Despite costing twice as much, a public school is never listed in the top schools in the country. When I moved from a private school to public school, I was a year and a half ahead of everyone else in several areas. No areas was I behind.

I could go on and on but you get the point. Yes the government can start a program that will work however it will be crazy expensive and will not have the same quality that the same program has in the private sector.

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