Friday, January 8, 2010

Enjoying the Fruits of Labor

With our large purchases the other day, we're back to a full fridge. That's good for me since I have lots of snack food now to take to work. I'm trying to cut out the Dew from my diet as I've heard you'll loose 15 lbs just by cutting soda out of your diet. With snack food around me, it makes not drinking soda much easier. (I still have a few left so I'll quit when those are done)

I'm eating a really unhealthy squash soup today so its a good thing that my snack throughout the day will be blue berries, pistachios, and natural no sugar added apple sauce.

The soup's name is actually squash and the kitchen sink soup. Marcie supplied that name because she claimed (and she's right) that I just started putting random things in there. We started out with a butternut squash. We boiled that with some carrots till they were soft. Then we blended them in a food processor to make them look like baby food. Next we dumped the water and re-added the ingredients. To make it creamier, we added sweeten and condensed milk. We could have used normal milk however we had a sweet tooth attach that day. Then, to make it a little thinner, we added chicken broth. Next came the spices. We added garlic, a few green items, allspice, and a few other things. I got creative on the spices and Marcie got worried. It turned out pretty good although its a little sweeter then I was hoping. I added some lemon juice to hopefully get rid of some of the sweet by adding some tart. That helped a little but not much. Overall, it tastes pretty good but I doubt we'll be using the sweetened condensed milk any more. The taste just isn't right.

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