Thursday, January 28, 2010

A few more Bathroom mods

So the popcorn was a pain in the you know what and decided to stop getting all of the texture off. As an alternative, we sprayed texture on there which isn't as nice as smooth but at least its not popcorn. I'd like to kick the person who invented popcorn ceilings in the pants. Its so ugly and hard to paint.

Our old register was cheap and ugly. This was a decent price and looked much better then what we had before.

To match the rest of the fixtures, we bought this for our TP. The rest of the TP is in the linen closet which is kind of ugly but hopefully soon I'll have a door up there. That'll be a project to brag about if it works. The door is only one foot wide so I'll have to do some cutting before I put up the frame.

And of here is the hook we put up. Actually, we put up two more on either side but I didn't take a picture of that yet. Its a work in progress but I'm having fun.

Hang Door
2nd coat on walls
paint doors & trim
remove tape & clean up anything that spilled
thinking about swapping bathroom fan for a light fan combo

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