Thursday, January 7, 2010

Home made pizza

Part of saving money is making things that you would normally buy processed. The more you can prepare yourself, the more you can save even with out coupons. To top that, the home made stone cooked pizza to my left was made from ingredients Marcie and I got on sale. The dough was made with flour that I got buy one get one free and a coupon on top of that. The cheese topping was on sale plus a coupon also. The BBQ sauce was full price but wasn't expensive. Turkey is much cheaper if you buy the full bird so I think we paid something like $.29/lb plus a $1 off coupon. We chopped that up after cooking it and now have a freezer full of turkey. Using some of that to make the bbq turkey pizza kept the price of the pizza well below the price of the store brand self rising pizza and tasted just as good if not better. Because we like peppers and garlic, Marcie added some of those which were bought at full price. There isn't much you can do about produce except always buy what is on sale. Items we use often like peppers don't go on sale often so most of the time you have to pay full price. We don't mind since fresh produce is good for you and tastes much better then canned things. We refuse to sacrifice taste or health for being cheap (although the pizza was still pretty cheap).

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