Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Message in a Cookie & Caphalon

Marcie and I love Williams and Sonoma. They have some of the most creative ideas around. Last year we bought pie crust cutters in the shape of leaves. We made all kinds of interesting pies with them and everyone loved the designs (pie one, two, three, & four). To toot my own horn a little bit, my pie was displayed at Jimmy & Steph's wedding along with several other really great looking pies. There was really nothing special about that pie however. All the creativity and design came from W&S. I just dropped the leaves into the pan.

We heard they were having their winter sale so we decided to check it out. They didn't have a lot of stuff there on sale but they did have a cool cookie cutter. You can slide in letters to spell out anything you want. I'm thinking this will be a good snack for a certain olympic party. We may print "Go USA" or maybe the names of countries around the world. I can also write I love you or happy anniversary on the cookies giving me brownie points with the Mrs. or should I say cookie points. :)

On a side note, they had Caphalon pans on sale. Typically, their cookware is $80 a piece for the slide nonstick hard anodized pans but they had a special that day. You could get an eight inch and ten inch pan for $60. Thirty dollars a pan is an amazing price. They cook great too. Nothing sticks to them no matter how high you turn the temperature. Also, whats new about these pans is that they can be used for baking in the oven at higher temperatures then before and are dishwasher safe. Typically nonstick pans will bubble up or flake off but these are supposed to not do that. They also cook really even as well. Something about the way they layered the metal is supposed to spread out the heat the way a cast iron pan would. Also since you can cook at those higher temperatures, you can also sear meat like you can with a cast iron pan. Marcie liked the purchase but I was super excited. Score big for the cheap awesome purchase.

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