Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Years Resolutions

Last year I think I had over ten resolutions. Some I kept but others I did not. The funny thing about resolutions is they tend to be the same from year to year. For me, they always fall in three catagories: God, health, and relationships.

This year, I want to grow in my walk with God in a different way. I want to grow with Marcie as we are one now. I bought two of one of pastor Davey's books and our plan is to go through that each night. Doing that not only draws you closer to God but also helps our relationship. I want to continue to get to know Marcie and love her more by next year then I do now (that will be my goal every year). Finally, we're going to try and start eating healthy again. We were doing really good for a while but we quit buying groceries every week. That leads to junk food and snacking... no good. We're going to cook healthy and I'm going to be playing soccer Lord willing. We're considering joining a gym for a little weight training and to have a warm place to run.

So, there you have it. That is my goals for next year. I've got a plan and my goal is to keep going.


Ashely said...

Marcie - you have a good husband! I wish more guys willing to step up and lead their families spiritually.

Good luck with the goals! I'm sure ya'll plan on being at the Teeter tomorrow! :)

Brantley said...

yep, already have 16 coupons for items to pick up if they haven't been picked over yet. Do you have your 20 items yet?

Ashely said...

I posted about my shopping trip! Didn't have as much time to prepare and could have probably done better, but oh well!