Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Busing Kids

Public education like most Government run programs (please no gov health care) is actually harming our kids when it comes to busing. Lets look at the facts.
  • Kids who could walk to school are now riding on a bus for two hours both ways
  • Kids who could do after school programs now have no way to get to and from those programs
  • Kids who need more sleep then adults are having to get up two hours earlier to get on the bus
Picture a kindegardner who is going to school for the first time. They have never used scissors before or glue. They may or may not even know how to write their name. They're scared and just want to be done with this school thing.

These kids get on a bus for two hours by themselves while it is still dark. They have two hours each day to stress out before they arrive. Since they're so far away, their parents can't be there to help them transition so they do it on their own.

Now they sit for 7 hours knowing their parents are what seems like worlds away. Somehow they make it through the day hearing about all these cool after school programs. They take their 2 hour bus ride home excited about the things they can get involved with.

At home, their parents have to tell them they can't because school is too far away for them to pick them up and they'll have to go strait home from school every day. Forget about sports, clubs, and friends. They are just too far.

On top of that, can you imagine what a bus that gets 4 miles per a gallon does to the State's budget and ozone driving four hours every day?

Lets let kids go to schools near them. That is the best option if you have the kids in mind. Just give more money to schools that have lower income students to keep the education equal.

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