Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Did pretty good last night at CVS. I bought four 12 packs of Dr Pepper and the ear rinse that was free after extra bucks. While I was in there, I went to the coupon scanner and got a $5 off a $15 order coupon.

At checkout, my total would have been $32 and some change but I had my coupons. First I used the $5 off your bill since the total has to be over $15 to use it. Next I had $12 extra bucks from last week that took off a good portion of my bill. I also had a $1 off Dr Pepper coupon for a total of $18 worth of free money. Then combine that with the Dr Pepper being on sale brought the total down to $4.23. That's about an 80% discount.

I don't plan on drinking all of those sodas. I plan on selling them for $.50 each which actually makes the total into the negative. Like all purchases at CVS, I buy things because they give you extra bucks back. This time, I got the $8 back for the ear rinse (making it free) and $3 for the Dr Pepper. That's $11 Extra Bucks that I can spend on my next purchase. Since I started out with $12 extra bucks, I feel good about this purchase. I'm almost in the same place I was before and I got all that stuff for under five bucks.

Oh! I also filled out a coupon that will email me a $4 coupon off my next purchase if you provide them your email address.

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