Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Eggplant and other Super Doubles

Eggplant was on sale at Harris Teeter the other day or was at least a reasonable price. We bought one (a very large one) and first made eggplant burgers. That was actually really good and we put it on our free Kings Hawaiian sweet rolls that we picked up from Harris Teeter also. Marcie spiced them up slightly and grilled them to perfection. It was delicious. I'm surprised at how good it was and how I really didn't miss the meat.

On our second dish, we had some Ragu sauce we needed to use up. Marcie had the idea to make eggplant Parmesan. Luckily we had 3 eggs, a little bit of cheese, some breadcrumbs, and the sauce needed for the dish. We dipped the eggplant in the egg and then into the breadcrumbs (which we added lots of spices too for more flavor). Those were baked for 5 minutes on either side and placed on a bed of sauce. That can be seen in the upper left here. Add some cheese then start over with another layer of sauce, eggplant, then cheese for the final product. To the right, you'll see we didn't have any provolone or parmesan so we just added swiss and cheddar. Although parmesan would be better, this turned out pretty good. We were satisfied with our dish and since it made quite a bit, we'll have leftovers for the next two days as well.

I love eating healthy home cooked meals. Have I said that before? I feel so much better when I'm eating right and have so much more energy. I'm going to need it with soccer starting up next week so I'm going to try my best to keep it up. It seems as long as the kitchen is stocked, good fresh food will keep on coming. Staying stocked lately hasn't been that hard since as long as I shop every week for the for weeks at the new Harris Teeter, they will give me $10 off my bill. Combine that with the Super Doubles and we're racking up some savings. The only thing now is we've stocked almost everything and we're running out of things we need. The usual things like milk and produce are always needed but there is only two of us. We can only eat so much.

I can't complain though. Aside from last week, we haven't eaten out at all and are only spending $40 a week for both of us. When you do the math, that's $20 per a person divided by seven days. That's less then $3 a day for food and we're eating good healthy meals. Now some weeks we spend more then that. Last week we spent around $70 because of Super Doubles and we just needed produce. Even $70 a week isn't that bad though. That would only be $35 per a person which is only $5 a day. That's equivalent to a $1 breakfast, $1.75 lunch, and a $2.25 dinner every day. I can live with that.

PS, you can see our last grocery bill. Its funny when you look at your bill and are disappointed with it only being half off. Only getting $60.07 off leaving a total of $54.70 is terrible for Super Doubles but we at least got fresh quality foods for a great price. I'd rather spend the money on good food then sodas and other things that are going to harm me.


Ashely said...

I love it! I'm going to make sure to send this to Shelly.

That eggplant looks yummy!

A couple of things:
1) I too am cutting back on the eating out simply because I have food on hand. For instance, last night, I was going to make pasta with my Barilla pasta and sauce from this week's sale. But, I had some spinach and goat cheese pizza still left and decided to eat it instead.

2) I have been to Harris Teeter 3 times so fars with it being super doubles. One bill was only 50% savings and I was bummed. But, I'm also running into the 'need' to buy thing where I have to get neccessities and pay whatever they're priced at. It'll take some time, but we'll get the buying cycle for these figured out.

Oh, and I stumbled across this yesterday. ziplist.com - gonna try it out and I think it might be really awesome once I get my new iPhone.

marcie said...

I think you should check the numbers you typed in for the grocery bill. :)

marcie said...

nevermind the last comment!

Brantley said...

@Ashely - yep, at first I was just saving on going out but now that I'm batch cooking, I'm also saving on buying groceries and cooking as well.

Agreed on the buying cycle. Things that spoil are so expensive and I just don't know a great way to cut that price down.

ziplist looks cool for if I had a phone with internet. I email Marcie my groc lists all the time hoping she'll check her email before she leaves. Some times she doesn't.