Monday, February 1, 2010

Half Bath Before

Here is our half bath. As you can see, the walls are pretty bland. We want to really spruce things up. What you can't see is above the mirror is a really ugly light. Its basically a bar with bulbs sticking out. On the right side, I like the towel rack but its not too effective. Around the sink, the paper pulled off the drywall and is pretty bad. On the left, you can see inside the mag rack is the previous hole where towels were held. I'll have to pound those in and patch them up so my fresh coat of paint looks smooth. Also, I'm going to move the rack over to the left some so that its closer to the toilet. The color of the walls will obviously change. Inspired by the black fixtures we bought and Van Gogh's search for the "high yellow note" we will paint the walls a yellow color. You can actually see the toilet pretty good here so you can tell that there is nothing really to them. Marcie found a nice shelf we can hang and we've got some blue bottles we'll probably put cotton in and place on there. It will probably match a picture I bought back from Guatemala of blue mountains and a green field. For the trash can, we found a dark cherry wicker basket that will replace the brushed nickle miniature Simple Human looking trash can. That trash can will be moving upstairs to the spare bath since we don't have one there.

What you can't see is some of the behind the scenes work. The hole for the light was a little too big so I had to do some patching. I used some of the spare drywall from my other project and plastered that there. Since it won't need to be supporting at all, I kind of did a half way job. Its flat but lets hope you don't have some one hanging from the light. It'll rip it right out of the wall. Then again, who hangs from lights. I don't think we'll have that problem.

Eventually we'll replace the trim and 1/4 round but until then, this is our half bath todo list:
paint walls
replace light
replace towel rack
hang shelf
reposition tp/mag rack
possibly hang candle sconce that merely holds a tea light candle

Primary colors are muted gold-ish walls, wrought iron, and blue accents. I'll be sure to post pictures when all is finished. If I get really fancy, I may do a video as that will be easier to capture the whole bathroom.

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