Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Half Bath - Light installed

As you can see, I've we finished getting the light installed. While the color isn't what we were originally expecting, it looks ok. With the mirror and fixtures covering a lot of the wall, the bright orange/yellow color might have worked.

What you can't see is that it is using the new CFL light bulbs that look exactly like a frosted incandescent. Plus, the new CFLs now feature an instant on unlike older models that take 2-3 seconds to flicker on. The middle bulb is the older style. Not only is it longer but it flickers while coming on. The outer two use 1 watt less electricity, are normal bulb size, and come on instantly with no flicker.

Wall 1 done:
Hang mirror & attach light fixture

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Ashely said...

I like your reflection in the mirror!

So, I was thinking today that I have been slack on the couponing! So, slack!