Tuesday, February 2, 2010

High Yellow Note

Holy brightness batman. The first color was a bit much. We were looking for a yellow and we got an orange. It actually looked really awesome with our fixtures however we're not Hispanic so I don't know that we could pull it off.

I bought a new can with a more yellow tone. Its still bold but not as loud as the last one was. Lol, when I walked into the house, I could see the glow of the bathroom radiating out. You can see from the picture that the old paint is a little brighter. We'll paint over it again tonight so that none of the old color comes through. Then I'll be able to put up the fixtures.

I'm super excited to have the bathroom back again. When you get home from work and you really need to pee, habit is to run to that bathroom. I don't like having to turn around and run upstairs after that. Plus I'm excited to hang the new light. Home improvement is so much fun. Too bad its so expensive. With all the lights, fixtures, and paint, we've spent a few hundred dollars already. Our tax refund better be good because that's where we're we're budgeting the money from.

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