Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Harris Teeter

Being somewhat close to the new Harris Teeter, I got a mailing for coupons to the store. Each week I get $10 off my bill assuming I spend $40 there. That's not so easy to do since we shop around a lot but we'll make it work. Also, as it turns out, they have some pretty decent deals this week. Marcie and I plan on heading out there this afternoon to rack up on the savings.

On a side note, my mom gave me some pretty good coupons so I'll be able to save a dollar on milk and other items thanks to her.

Kroger also sent me their latest statement. In the past, we always got $22 with out fail. Now that we're shopping around, we still get a $19 check but that was thanks to my brother and sister using my shopping card. Three to four times a year, they send these packets out with coupons for items I buy a lot and as you can see to the right, my rewards certificate. I love the sound of saving money.

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