Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Scavenger Hunt

Marcie and I had this great idea for an outing with our friends. As soon as it gets warmer, we want to have everyone downtown Raleigh for a pot luck picnic at the acorn. After the picnic, we would break up into teams and start a scavenger hunt. Each team would be given a sheet of paper with every letter of the alphabet on there and a two hour time limit. The team who has the most letters at the end of two hours would win. Ties would be broken with the person who came back the fastest. The quality of the shot should also matter so there would also be a prize for that.

The great thing about this however is that we could compile all the letters onto a CD actually use them afterwards. As you can see on the left, we turned them into wall art spelling our last name. We found the frame at Walmart for very cheap and put the nine pics in there to make a pretty cool image. Wouldn't that be a great gift for some one getting married or some one who just likes unique art? Think about it. City Market Square, Moores Square, Fayetteville Street Mall... all great places to take pictures.

What to bring:
  • blanket
  • covered dish
  • camera
  • change for the parking deck
  • an eye for photography
  • blank cd if you want a copy
After the scavenger hunt, we could go see an IMAX movie or head home. What ever everyone wants. Sounds like fun doesn't it? Be looking for the evite in about a month.

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Melissa said...

What a cool idea!!