Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Downtown

For Valentines day, Marcie and I went down town to look at some of the local art galleries. It ended up being a beautiful day as the roads were clear but the grass had fresh snow everywhere. As you can see to the left, Moore Square downtown was just beautiful. It was just enough of a dusting to make everything look clean. I love this part of down town as most do and it makes a great place to meet up. You've got the IMAX theater across the street, City Market Square on the other side, and Fayetteville Street Mall close to boot. Perhaps the most known thing in the area is the New Years Acorn seen to the right. First night Raleigh hoists that acorn up on a some construction equipment and counts down with a high school score board. They may be more tech savvy this year but in any case, it is pretty fun.

After our short walk around Moore Square, we headed over to Artspace in City Market to look at the local artist work. They had some really cool art there but perhaps our favorite was the stamped art (I don't know the correct name) where different colors were etched out of metal with acid. There was this squid in some plant-life that looked amazing. It would have matched our bathroom perfect and we would have bought it had it not been so expensive. There were several other cool artist work there but I didn't take pictures of that. Raleigh really is getting some character. From the cobble stones streets to First Friday which goes through out the year. Albeit small, its becoming more of a metropolitan each and every year.

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