Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Table Setting - February

Its a new month and that means a new table setting. Being the month of love, we decided to with a candy theme. The napkins have conversation hearts on them and you can see the kissing frogs salt and pepper shaker. Their lips are magnetically attracted to each other. CVS had M&Ms with extra bucks back and a $1.00 off coupon so that was an easy decoration. The flowers are from the plant my brother gave me. On the very end, you can see the heart shaped bowl I got for free from Wilton Anette for registering for their products at Bed Bath and Beyond. Even though we didn't get any of their products (and that's what we were hoping) they still sent us the plate/bowl... whatever it is. Marcie is so creative. The M&M holders are actually part of our veggie platter tray. As she was taught in Apples of Gold, don't buy table settings but use what you have around the house. That cuts back on storage and allows you to get creative.

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