Monday, February 22, 2010

Wonderful Weather

This is perfect weather for me. If it could be 60 degrees year round I would be perfectly happy. The best thing about this weather however is watching my miles per a gallon climb in my car. The past two weeks, no matter how much I attempt to feather the gas, my mileage was still around 18 mpg. That's down right painful. I have since stopped using the heater in this wonderful weather and today my mpg has finally climbed over 20. After a while, it'll make it up to around 23.5 only to drop to 22 once I start using A/C.

On another note, the electricity bill will be going down soon. Having bills over $100 is never fun and now that I want to make my wife comfortable, the number of those bills are increasing since my thermostat is no longer at 68. :)


marcie said...

ok, are you complaining that my body temp is not like yours! :) You love me remember! ;)

Brantley said...

nope, its different that's all. Not saying anything but that I'm glad the temperature is getting warmer.