Friday, March 19, 2010

Harris Teeter Savings

Another good day at Harris Teeter. What would of been a $81.91 bill ended up being $24.38. That was around $35 of vic and e-vic savings combined with around $20 worth of coupons. That's around a 70% savings on a normal grocery bill. We picked up some fresh fruit, a few cans of soup, some pizza bites, a ton of yogurt, and several other items.

Its much easier to save big when you shop every week. Almost all we bought was on sale because we were stocked up already. We could have done a little better but there are some items you just need to buy. Next week should be about the same. Small grocery list and big savings assuming they have decent sales again. Remember, most of your savings always comes from the grocery store and not your coupons. Coupons just help to increase your savings that much more.

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