Friday, March 12, 2010

Kroger Shopping

Last night Marcie and I went to Kroger for a few items. As you probably know if you keep up with this blog, Marcie and I are doing some yardwork. Well, we bought around $32 worth of groceries and after coupons and kroger rewards, that was dropped down to $17. That wasn't too bad. A 50% savings is always something to be happy about but what was so awesome about this trip was we ended up paying an extra $15 (full price of $3 each for 5 flowers). That killed our percentage off but we bought five 4 foot tall flowering bushes (bulb) that we can plant behind the mailbox. That's exciting because even though we didn't have but one $1 coupon for them, buying them as bulbs made them 5 times cheaper then as a bush. We were just at Lowes looking at small bush pricing and found the cheapest you can get is $15 and it only goes up from there. These can be planted in March so we're pretty much ready to go. It will take a couple of months for everything to come up but I have a feeling that once it does, its going to look really nice. If not, it will have to look better then it did. I'll try and post pictures later if I can.

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