Friday, March 12, 2010

New Boots

My Copas had seen better days. The right shoe had a busted shoe lace and the left had a blow on the toe. They were still usable but somehow in the many trips to Goodwill, one of them ended up in the boxes. You can't really do that much with one shoe so I had to go buy some more.

I went to the soccer trading post near Triangle mall to see what they had. There was a decent selection and obviously they had the Copa Mundial like I have been wearing since before high school. Great shoes but they are still expensive. I was looking around at some of their other options and I found the shoes to my left. A lot of shoes are moving away from the old school stud bottoms and going to the better gripping tracion (spelling?) bottoms. These shoes were like that. They were way too expensive but at a 40% discount they were the same price as the Copas. The guy says they are just as soft and actually have better grip on the inside for some killer spin. He said they would hold up pretty well based on what others have said. That's important since I have a wider foot (more Adidas then Nike). In the past, all my Nikes have blown out because they were so narrow.

I bought them and have worn them twice so far. The first game, I did terrible. I can't blame the shoes however. I haven't played in over a year so you could say "rusty." Game two wasn't much better. It was a rainy day so the ball was super slippery. Luckily, I played sweeper for a while and was able to take some of the goal kicks. That gave me practice kicking strait while kicking hard. Turns out, the inside grip gave way too much spin and was causing a major slice. I started kicking with the "laces" and that seemed to fix the issue.

I'm on a new team so I don't want to push what I want too much but I was able to play striker for a little while. It was so much fun to get up and dribble and take a few shots. I felt like I was back in college while dribbling past the defenders. Both shots were stopped by the keeper but it was a rush none the less. I can't wait till next weeks game!

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