Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yardwork continuted

The overgrown vines are gone and the ground is clear. I pulled out my back in the process but I was able to yank the vine right out of the dirt. Next, we planted the cherry tree in the front yard. It's kind of pathetic looking now as is but soon enough it'll grow into a beautiful fruit producing tree. That is as long as I haven't killed the tree already which is a good possibility. We let it sit in the box way too long at the house.

We are not done yet though. Next we've got the peach tree. That was much easier since there wasn't a tree trunk in the way. I'm super excited about everything but there is a good chance it won't make it either. Its a little early to be planting but and we also didn't plant right away. We'll probably be long gone before we can eat any of the Saturn peaches from the tree so some one will have a nice surprise when they buy the house. Then again, we may stay here for the next four years and get to eat them ourselves.

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