Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spare bed inspiration

Here was our inspiration for the spare room. We like the green walls because they're neutral but stand out. It would make a great nursery if we're here a few years from now or just a nice office/spare room. In the picture we found however, the room looks so boring. There are no pictures on the walls or anything. Our thought was to make the paint part of the decorations like we did with our chalkboard downstairs. Enter tree mural. You can see to the right some one has painted a tree on the wall. Its fairly easy to do this. All you need is a projection screen and a picture to project. You trace the lines with pencil and then its just a matter of coloring between the lines. The first picture actually looks almost identical to our spare room therefore you can probably get a good picture of what the mural would look like in the room painted above the bed. The only difference really is that we'll have a couch instead of bed (we have a blow up mattress that converts the couch to a bed) and a night stand. The picture will also be slightly different as well. We'll probably do a solo tree slightly to the right or left on the wall and then have three birds flying away from the tree. Depending on how much time we have, we found a great etsy artist that sells stickers for such a project. Their website can be found HERE. Looking at their stickers, you can get several good ideas from them. I like the tree with the moon and birds but there are plenty of options to consider. If we can find room, we might try to incorporate the owl (second picture) as well. They're kind of cool looking we think. We just have to be careful not to do too much. Its easy to make a room too busy when we go crazy on our ideas.

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