Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sweet Potato Gnocchi

My grandparents grow sweet potatoes or at least know some one who does. In any case, we tend to have more then we know what to do with. My mom gave me about 50 a while back and they've been sitting in a cooler in my back yard to stay dark and cool so they don't sprout.

Last night, I had the urge for sweet potato gnocchi and so we decided to make it. Gnocchi is actually really easy to make. Its basically take any kind of mashed potatoes that you want and mix in egg and flour. Portions are typically one cup of potatoes, one egg, and one cup of flour (plus 1 tsp salt & and a pinch of pepper -> pinch = 1/8th tsp). We ended up with three cups so we mixed in three eggs and then kept adding flour till it had the consistency of dough. Being potato of the sweet variety, I also added some cinnamon and brown sugar since I like that sort of thing. You can see our results to the left.

Once that was done, you roll the dough in balls and drop it in boiling water till it floats on its own. The results are home made gnocchi. I set them out on wax paper to cool off and dry and then we mixed it with our super meaty sauce that you can see in the top left of the picture on the right.

Since this was an experiment, you may be wondering how it tasted. It was actually really good. We even have enough left over to bring to Thomas & Kathy so they can have some more rest time (we've yet to deliver but hope to soon). On that note, if you have time to make a meal a little larger then you would normally. And if that meal freezes well, I'm sure they would appreciate it. Recovering from a baby takes time plus waking up every two hours really drains your energy. I know I don't like cooking when I'm tired.

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