Tuesday, March 9, 2010


We started out with two bushes so over grown, they looked like one. It was awful. Being spring time and we're into renovating, we decided the bushes (its actually a vine) had to go. Marcie one day went at them till nothing was left. To the left, you can see the big difference between the two. Since the other side wasn't ours, we waited till the lady living there said she didn't care if we got rid of it. Between the mail boxes on the ground, you can also see a stump that has been there for around 2 years. A strong wind took half the tree away so the rest had to come as it just looked terrible. Since then, we've had that stump there slowly rotting away.

Well, that will not do. I bought some fruit trees for the front yard so I needed the ground soft so I could plant them. To the right, you can see we had a guy come and grind that up. It was only $50 which reminds me that we need to pay the guy. Next, time to plant the trees.

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