Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Backpacking and Testosterone

On the way to Rainbow Falls, a two mile detour from the Jones Gap trail, we had a decision to make. We're going up the side of a mountain (equivalent to taking the steps to the 88th floor of a building) and we've got 50 lbs on our back so needless to say we were tired. What do we do? Should we ditch our packs some place and pick them up on the way back down? I say never. Andrew, Derek and I flirted with the idea but nobody was going to be the person to do it. We toughed it out and made it to the top. It was well worth it. The falls were beautiful and if you stood to the side, the light reflected into a rainbow from one side to the other. A picture never tells the picture properly. It was a good trip and a good reminder to never give up on a marriage. Times will be tough but once you get through them, what's on the other side is much better then where you started. Congrats on your upcoming marriage Andrew and God bless you both.

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