Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Harris Teeter Coupons

We had a good night last night. As you can see, we paid $55.83 which was $102.71 off what it would have been with out our VIC card and coupons. We had several free items which really helped get our total down. A lot of the yogurt was free as was the sour cream and the paper towels. The meat was half off which never happens for that cut and the asparagus was $.99/lb. The pepsi was buy two get three free so I had to pick those up as well.

Here is what we bought:
  • $80 worth of beef tenderloin (the steak Fillet Mignon comes from)
  • a lot of yogurt (including Greek yogurt and Breyers with toppings)
  • five 12-packs of Pepsi products
  • a bunch of sister shubert rolls
  • an eight pack of paper towels
  • smart balance sour cream
  • almost four lbs of asparagus

I try to stay under my mental price book on things we buy. the Pepsi fridge packs were $2.40 per a package which isn't that great. A great deal is $2.25 and under but I'm OK with anything under $2.50. Asparagus is normally $3.00/lb so anything under $1.50 is a great deal. Yogurt should pretty much always be free if you wait for good deals and use your coupons correctly. We did that for this order and if you remove the steak, we would have spent $15 and saved $60. Then again, I'm cool with buying a lot of quality steak for that price.

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