Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jackhammers and Patios

Marcie and I have been wanting to fix up our patio for the longest time. There was a flower bed around the outside but we needed a little extra space so decided to expand. What should have been a simple job turned into a construction nightmare. As I was digging the dirt out, I found stone after stone. After pulling out a stone that was the size of my tv, we decided it would be better to bust up the rocks instead of trying to dig them out. I first tried a sledge hammer but that didn't do anything. Last weekend I decided to rent a jackhammer. It worked like a charm. In about five hours, all of the rocks were broken and removed. The ground was leveled and ready for cement to be poured. I'm really looking forward to having a large patio for our one year anniversary. We were married on the fourth of July and what better day to celebrate by the grill then on that day.

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