Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lowes Triples

I made a quick stop this morning by Lowe's to hit their 3 day triples deal. Coupons up to $.99 tripled Sunday, Monday, and today. I'm feeling lazy so I'm not going to post a picture of the receipt but my total before everything would have been $31.07. I had $7.50 worth of coupons taken off. Then a lot of those doubled for an extra $3.75 off. Then, being triple coupon day, an extra $3.30 was taken off. Also, some of the items were on sale so that was $6.86 off because of that sale. That is a total of $21.41 off my bill. I could have kept it 100% free but I didn't have time to comb through all the coupons and the rice although not free was a good deal, and Marcie was out of cereal so I wanted to pick some up for her.

Here is what I picked up:
  • Family size Froot Loops ($.89)
  • Family size Apple Jacks ($.89)
  • Total blueberry and pomegranate cereal ($1.75)
  • two bags of Jasmine rice ($1.00 x 2)
  • McCormick black pepper ($.14)
  • 100% recycled heavy duty Reynolds Wrap ($.64)
  • "boil in bag" success rice ($.00)
  • Barilla Ziti ($.00)
  • four candy bars (but don't tell Marcie about those) ($.00)

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