Thursday, May 27, 2010


Its been sufficient time I think to start talking about the last episode of 24. If you have not seen it, stop reading now.

Here's my beef with the last episode. It was very anti-climatic. We watched a day's worth of television and the least we could ask for is to get some information. I didn't know how they would end the last season but here are a few options. One of these should have happened.

1) The Russian President is killed
2) The Russian President is exposed via the press
3) Jack is killed or is stopped
4) The President pardons Jack
5) The someone gives the recording to the press so the truth is exposed
6) The peace process goes through despite trouble

So there you have it. Those are six things I would have accepted as a suitable ending. A lot of those I wouldn't have liked but at least it would have been closed. Instead, we have the following:

1) Russian President lives
2) The public (via press) does not know the Russian President is involved
3) Jack lives but is on the run (would be ok ending if this wasn't last season)
4) Jack is a fugitive to the US and is hunted by the russians
5) The recording never reaches the press and we don't know if Taylor will let it out or keep it as a closed trial.
7) Taylor doesn't sign the peace agreement

I hear they'll make a movie that will wrap up this last season. It stinks that I'll have to pay money just to get a conclusion but hopefully it won't disappoint.

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