Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hibachi Steak

Marcie and I made Hibachi Steak last night. We made Jasmine rice then fried it with butter and EVOO (extra virgin olive oil). Then we sauteed zuchinni, yellow squash, mushrooms, garlic, and onions in EVOO. Then we cooked strips of steak in butter, EVOO, and soy sauce till medium well done. Finally, we combined the vegies and meat on top of the rice. So good!

I was surprised how fast and easy it was to make. Marcie was too. She didn't believe it would be as good as it was but I proved otherwise. Next time I'll make the seafood sauce (also easy to make) to top it all. It'll be like going to Hibachi express only 1/4 of the price.

Aside from the butter, it was really good for us. EVOO is full of polyunsaturated fat (good fat) and the steak and veggies had protein and all kinds of vitamins and minerals we need. I bet we could cut back the butter and it would still be good. We used around 3 tablespoons for 4 heaping servings. I bet if I didn't put butter in the rice, that would drop it down to 1 tablespoon of butter for it all and it would still be delicious.

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