Monday, May 17, 2010

John Stewart's Apphole Award

John Stewart recently dubbed Apple's most recent action as "big brotherish" and jerky. He dubbed Steve and Apple as being a downright "Apphole." Look at the following and you decide.

* Steve Jobs publicly bashes Adobe on its website with a 1,700-word scathing essay. Did he betray their relationship or is this just an example of Apple being run by an Apphole?

* Steve Jobs continuously parks in Handicap spots claiming it to be a "game" he plays with the police. Illegal or just another example of being an Apphole?

* Steve Jobs moves to Tn because the wait list for organs is much shorter there (he still lives and keeps all his stuff in Ca). Immoral, justified, or just another example of being an Apphole?

* Steve Jobs and Apple forces Ellen Degeneres to publicly apologize on national TV for airing a spoof commercial that suggested the iPhone was difficult to use. Was Apple slandered or just another example of Steve being an Apphole?

* The Gizmodo blogger had his door busted in by the police even after he gave back the lost iPhone prototype. Was that necessary or did Appholes force the police's hands?

* Steve Jobs walks pasts fan who waited days for the chance to interact.

* Steve Jobs makes his employees cry (but he's normally right despite how he delivers the news). Insensitive? Apphole?

Need I go on?

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