Monday, May 17, 2010


Marcie and I are officially members of the North Carolina Museum of Art. For the most part, it doesn't really get you anything but discounts at the gift shop but it does support Art in NC. On November 7th I believe, some new exhibits will be coming however and being a member means that we don't have to pay to see them. We're pretty excited about that. Birds of America is one of the coming exhibits which is a bunch of pictures of every bird in the united states. Evidently, the painter would go hunting for different birds and kill them so he could paint them in great detail. Many of the birds he painted are now extinct so its a great to be able to see them even if it is only in a picture. The art of Norman Rockwell will also be here. Also very exciting.

Their current art is all free to the public. They have some really interesting pieces. The picture seen above is a obviously the thinker. Although its just a cast of the original piece, there are very few of these to my knowledge. Its amazing to think that some one could work this out of material. I've tried just drawling people and the proportions are near impossible to get right. The hands always tend to be way too large.

Anyways, another very interesting piece is that of the artist standing with planes crashing into his body. It represents the sacrifice the African American soldiers paid in the war of which they were not recognized. What is really strange about the piece is that unbeknown to him, it actually depicted his death to the 9/11 twin tower crash. His studio was on one of the floors of that building and he was among the casualties there.

There is a Picasso and some other well known art there. We found out that many of the pieces there were prints Marcie had on her wall in her classroom. If you get a chance to go, I encourage you to. There is so much more behind art besides a pretty picture. A lot of times, it is a vision of their perspective of the local times.