Monday, May 17, 2010

Produce shopping

Next week is super doubles so we stuck to things we knew we wouldn't have coupons for in our most recent shopping trip. We bought almost $60 worth of meat and produce (and a few other items). Harris Teeter had some good deals on different items. Asparagus is $.99/lb as well as a few different apples. $1.25 is a great price for both of those so we were very happy to see them at this price. We had to hit $50 (we actually hit $100) to get $20 off our order with our HT coupon so we figured why not stock up. Here are a few of the items we bought:

  • eggplant - eggplant burgers
  • mushrooms, squash & zucchini - hibachi steak
  • cilantro - homemade salsa
  • celery - ants on a log
  • bananas & apples - healthy snack and banana bread
  • blueberries - smoothies
  • green onions - random flavoring
  • spaghetti squash - olive, lamb, and red pepper casserole

We also picked up a few London broils that I'll hopefully be able to turn into beef jerky and other dishes as well as some turkey breast tenderloins.

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