Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Super Doubles

Well, I guess I should post a little about our most recent shopping trip. Aside from the steak we had about $70 worth of groceries for about $5. Add the steak and you add another $11 on top of the price. We went again and this time got a little over 50% off our bill. We're a little tired of having to shop every week though. We're planning a change soon. We love Harris Teeter because the meat and produce seem fresher there. Then again, we could also go to the farmers market and get it just as fresh if not better for less. Most of what we eat is fresh meat and produce but for the other items, we can probably pick those up at Food Lion or Wal-mart for cheaper and not have to scour for deals each week. Now mind you super doubles and triples are great but they don't happen that often. On those weeks we'll just stock up on as much as we can.

Marcie I know will be happy. A weekly trip to the farmer's market for produce (and to look at the plants they're selling) and then only a monthly trip to wal-mart for everything else. We'll still use coupons as much as possible but this should be easier on her. The only down side is we may loose some of the variety. Aside from a random pizza here and there, we haven't had the same dish twice since we've been married. I love trying all the things she comes up with and it is almost always really good. The produce will at least vary depending on what's at the market tha week.

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Ashely said...


It's actually funny that you wrote this because I've changed my shopping habits up to be similar to yours.

Since I've been working with a trainer and watching what I eat, I'm having very little processed food. So, couponing really hasn't benefited me all that much except for the Kashi cereal or yogurt here and there. So, I decided to start doing a weekly farmer's market/grocer run for the necessities/perishables and then a monthly bulk run to Wal-mart/Target. I went last Sunday night to Target and spent $200. I probably could have saved more if I shopped weekly, but it was worth my sanity. I told my friend Shelly that I felt bad about slacking on my coupons and she was so kind as to point out that I have a full-time job and couponing in itself can be a side job. But, I'm going to keep trying.

Let me know how the new plan works out for you!