Thursday, June 10, 2010

Produce Run

Here is the picture of our first farmers market produce run. The total was $18.40. We were actually kind of disappointed with the price but not with the quality. The Peaches were around $1.50/lb to $2/lb but were on sale at Kroger for $.99/lb. Corn is also cheaper there now. Its $.29/lb as apposed to 6 ears for $4. Squash and Zucchini was the same price at the grocery store as was the tomatoes. Green beans were cheaper at one of the grocery stores but I can't remember which one. In any case, while we could have gotten a better deal shopping at Kroger we're helping support local farmers and we know everything was picked fresh. Most grocery stores pick green so that it has time to ripen as it is shipped.

We haven't talked about if we'll make this a weekly thing yet. We've eaten about half of what is shown and it was all delicious. I guess we'll make that decision later based on grocery deals and time. It was kind of fun looking at all the different vendors so we may go just for that aspect of it.

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