Wednesday, August 4, 2010

London Broil

I made dinner for Marcie last night since it's her birthday week. We did our grocery shopping deal at Harris Teeter and spend our $29 for the week. To the left is the London Broil I picked up for half off.

I found a recipe for the easiest london broil you'll ever make. Basically, all you need is london broil, garlic salt, and tomatoes. It is surprisingly really really good. Well, you know me, kitchen sink and all. I decide to mix it up a little. I added italian spices to the meat and soy sauce. To soak up some of the juices, I put some rice on the side. A while back, we got a pineapple on sale so what we couldn't finish, we froze. I added a few slices of that for a little more flavor. That was a good idea. What was a bad idea was to use canned tomatoes that had chillies in there. Who would have thought they would have been that hot.

Marcie doesn't like hot stuff so my dinner for her although it was pretty good was too hot for her to really enjoy. Oh well, it's the thought that counts right?

Note to self: Make again but with regular diced tomatoes

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