Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Morning Smoothies

Marcie's car has experienced some major problems the last few weeks. First it was the spark plug cracking. We replaced that but the wires were carbon tracked. Those had to be replaced also. Then in the process of changing them, something broke and we had to have that replaced. That would have been a lot of money but luckily we did the spark plugs and wires ourselves saving $300 or more. The part we broke off we probably could have done but we needed to find it which required a vapor smoke machine. We took the car down to Lillington to Strickland repair shop and ended up spending around $90. Had the dealer done it, the part probably wouldn't have broken off but we still are $200 better off by doing it ourselves. We thought it was all done but the traction control light came on. We dropped it off at the dealer to check it out yesterday so we are now minus one car.

Well... I'm waking up a little earlier in the morning to take her to work. It's kind of nice since I was able to make us smoothies for the road while she watered our plants. And, being her birthday week, she gets to spend more time with me which is of course all she wants. I might get her a card and a present too... maybe. ;)

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