Monday, September 27, 2010

Katy's playdate cut short

Sesame Street cuts a clip of Katy Perry from the show because of parent's concern over her attire.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Unemployment rate still rising

Some people are saying the recession ended June 2009. Check this out and give me your opinion.

Can't see it, go HERE.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Marcie and I went to the mall last Friday. With all the home repairs and things starting up (coaching, BSF, gym classes, art club, etc) we haven't been on a date in a while. Triangle Town Center has "music by the pond" on Friday and Saturday nights so we decided to re-implement date night. Using a BOGO coupon, we bought gyros and listened to music. That was pretty cool but the highlight for me was feeding the fish in the pond. If you've been to barefoot landing in Myrtle Beach, you know the fish I'm talking about. Huge fish that swarm anytime you throw french fries into the pond. I tossed my fries bit by bit over the edge then took Marcie's also (she was finished so no harm there).

Anyways, we're ready to move on so we decide to walk around the mall a little longer. We get to the door and are stopped by the security guard asking for our ID. Evidently you have to be eighteen years old to enter the mall by yourself on Friday and Saturday night. Seriously? I'm thirty years old and wearing a wedding band. I agree I'll always look younger then I am... That's a Blanchard trait. I just don't know if I'd go as far as to say I look 17. Then again, Marcie also looks really young and she was with me. I'm going with they were carding her not me.

We got in the mall in case you were wondering. Saw some cool things. Hallmark has a book that you can record page by page what is said. As soon as you turn to lets say page 4, the book plays whatever you have recorded for that page. What a good idea we thought for a kid who loves to have books read to them. Christopher just had a birthday party Saturday so we almost bought it for him. The book was a little too old we thought and we already bought him a book so we didn't buy it. Maybe next time.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blueberry Bushes and Glasses

Marcie and I bought three blueberry bushes the other day. We bought them online and used a $20 off a $50 order. The total order was $57 so we ended up playing just under $40 for three bushes. At the farmer's market, they were $15-$20 each so we're better off any way you look at it. We bought three different varieties so that should help with cross pollination providing a better yield. One of them has a peach like taste according to the magazine while another has a very sweet blueberry taste. Our last bush was the red and yellow blueberry which I bought because it looks cool more so then for it's taste. I can't wait to plant them.

I also bought some glasses online. I was shocked at how much glasses were at the store so I settled on paying $16 to make and ship a cheap pair of prescription glasses. If they work as described, I'll probably buy a few more to keep at work, the car, and my nightstand for reading. They are the nerdy glasses Marcie didn't like but I'm not worried about style so much as price. This is a test run. If they're good, I told her she can pick out my next frames.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Car Buying

I recently read an article in CNN money talking about the way to buy a car. The main lesson was to do your research on the internet first. Pretty much the whole process can be done on the internet minus the signature.

If you're planning to buy a car in the future but not right now, go to TrueCar and find out when is the best time of the year to buy. For my Mustang, sales are slowest in May so the prices are lowest at that point in time. It shows you how much the car costs, how much it costs after the dealer pays all their fees, and how much is considered a good deal (always under MSRP). It gives you a suggestion on where you can expect to end up in the long run.

Edmunds is a great place to find out if prices of your car is going up or down and get info about the dealer you're thinking about buying from.

Once you do decide it's time to buy, DO NOT GO TO THE DEALER. They will try to lock you down for two hours and twist your arm to buy. First go to and get several quotes for the car you want. Doing that over the net lets you shop around for a good price with out being a pro haggler. Also, call the dealers. If they won't give you a price over the phone, hang up and call someone else. I wouldn't trust a dealer that won't give you a strait up price.

Finally, decide on a price, get it in writing, and make sure you're pre-financed. Dealers make money buy selling your loan. They do that by selling you a 6% loan even though you qualify for a 5% loan. You're better off going through your bank majority of the time.

Check your contract before signing. The monthly payments shouldn't matter. What matters is the final cost. If the final cost is correct, the monthly payments work themselves out. If they are too much, you can always re-finance.

So there you go. That's how I plan to buy my next car so I don't get scammed like I did at Tom Smith Ford.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

eat pray love

While I was in MI over the past few days I froze, and went to a movie. My mom and I went to see 'Eat Pray Love'. I was disappointed and left feeling empty. There were a few things that really bugged me too. I guess that it was my fault for not getting a rating of the film prior to viewing.

Rating from Plugged In Movie Reviews(focus on the family)

First she gets divorced even though her husband still loves her. I hate when movies give divorce, created by man(yes there are clauses for divorce but 90% of people do not follow them and if they did I bet A LOT of people wouldn't be getting divorced), as the easy answer to your happiness. The institute of marriage, God ordained, shouldn't be tossed to the wind. What does 'till death do us part' mean to you?

She jumps into another relationship on a whim and lives with the guy(and has a fling with another guy later). I don't support living with the one you are pursuing until you take your vows. I suppose I may be old fashion but it keeps you out of sooo much trouble and forces you to get to know and understand the other person really well, which is more important than figuring out if they leave the toilet seat up or squeeze the toothpaste tube wrong, or snore or whatever else people use as excuses. Those are all things you can talk about and know without living together. :) Anyway, I just don't like it.

I also didn't like the various religions she choose to explore at random, weather she truly believed in them or not. I wish more people took time to get to know God.

I did enjoy seeing all the culture and different settings. And I wish I could up and leave and eat my way through place after place 'finding myself'. It would be nice.

These are just my opinions based on my beliefs. I should also mention that I am a hypocrite, I have seen movies that have all these same qualities that I don't complain so much about, and should not tolerate. When I think about the world around me and I watch other people and hear their beliefs I get upset and just want to tune it all out, I see the things I don't like and don't agree with more and more in life and it bothers me that people can be so oblivious or resenting of God and Christianity. I can't imagine they feel happy with life as is. The other day I saw on a morning show that Stephen Hawking has stated that "science makes God unnecessary". I can't wait until judgment day and to see the look on his face when he understands he was wrong. This has made me so glad that Brantley didn't want to pay for cable TV. Why waste my time with all this junk in the world.

We are called to be in the world not of the world.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Home Construction

Here you can see our house as we went through our phases of construction. Marcie was lucky to be gone for part of it. It's not easy living in one room and having to climb over your couch to get to your fridge.

A barrier was set up to keep mold or anything harmful from spreading to the other side of the house.

We had to move furniture so they would have working space.

Removal has been done and the boards have been treated (that's why they are green).

New carpet and paint has been applied. We're ready to start moving furniture back in.

Because we bough remnant, it was 1/3 of the cost. We were able to get quality carpet at a reasonable cost.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Four Eyes

My vision has slowly been getting worse. Now that I'm thirty, I guess it's about that time to start buying the glasses, the walker and the prune juice. Kidding aside, even though it's only a -.5 (up from -.25 when I was 28), glasses will probably help a lot while I'm working on a computer all day. If the store's open and I can find a pair that is decent looking, I might bring it home.

There was an interesting pair I found with thick black rims all the way around. I felt it made me look smart and cool in a "hi I'm a mac"(guy from the apple commercial) or an indie rocker kind of way but she disagreed. She said I just looked like a dork so I guess I'll go with the thinner frame... unless they're on sale. Then I might have to pull the guitar from the attic and start a garage band... If only I had a garage.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Good news

I was for some reason under the impression that Marcie would be gone till Thursday. This is the first time we've been away from each other for this long and I miss her. When you're in the honeymoon phase, you realize how lucky you are to get to spend your life with someone. I assume with time, companionship will become the norm and it will take one person leaving for a few days to remind you how lucky you are. Still being new to the marriage thing, I don't think I needed that reminder so soon.

Because Marcie's awesome, she did everything she could to leave me prepared. She cooked large meals each night before she left so that i would have leftovers for every meal and did all sorts of things to make her absence easier. We've been doing some major construction in the house so I've had plenty to keep me busy but I'll be glad when she's back. I just realized today that I was thinking wrong and that she will in fact be back Tuesday. That will be perfect since Monday I'll be busy with carpet and Tuesday I'll be at work then coaching soccer. Once that is over, I can pick her up from the airport. I'm hoping the carpet will be done and she'll come back to a put together house (cause now it's a wreck). I know she'll love the new carpet and wall color. It's going to look great.