Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blueberry Bushes and Glasses

Marcie and I bought three blueberry bushes the other day. We bought them online and used a $20 off a $50 order. The total order was $57 so we ended up playing just under $40 for three bushes. At the farmer's market, they were $15-$20 each so we're better off any way you look at it. We bought three different varieties so that should help with cross pollination providing a better yield. One of them has a peach like taste according to the magazine while another has a very sweet blueberry taste. Our last bush was the red and yellow blueberry which I bought because it looks cool more so then for it's taste. I can't wait to plant them.

I also bought some glasses online. I was shocked at how much glasses were at the store so I settled on paying $16 to make and ship a cheap pair of prescription glasses. If they work as described, I'll probably buy a few more to keep at work, the car, and my nightstand for reading. They are the nerdy glasses Marcie didn't like but I'm not worried about style so much as price. This is a test run. If they're good, I told her she can pick out my next frames.

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