Monday, September 20, 2010


Marcie and I went to the mall last Friday. With all the home repairs and things starting up (coaching, BSF, gym classes, art club, etc) we haven't been on a date in a while. Triangle Town Center has "music by the pond" on Friday and Saturday nights so we decided to re-implement date night. Using a BOGO coupon, we bought gyros and listened to music. That was pretty cool but the highlight for me was feeding the fish in the pond. If you've been to barefoot landing in Myrtle Beach, you know the fish I'm talking about. Huge fish that swarm anytime you throw french fries into the pond. I tossed my fries bit by bit over the edge then took Marcie's also (she was finished so no harm there).

Anyways, we're ready to move on so we decide to walk around the mall a little longer. We get to the door and are stopped by the security guard asking for our ID. Evidently you have to be eighteen years old to enter the mall by yourself on Friday and Saturday night. Seriously? I'm thirty years old and wearing a wedding band. I agree I'll always look younger then I am... That's a Blanchard trait. I just don't know if I'd go as far as to say I look 17. Then again, Marcie also looks really young and she was with me. I'm going with they were carding her not me.

We got in the mall in case you were wondering. Saw some cool things. Hallmark has a book that you can record page by page what is said. As soon as you turn to lets say page 4, the book plays whatever you have recorded for that page. What a good idea we thought for a kid who loves to have books read to them. Christopher just had a birthday party Saturday so we almost bought it for him. The book was a little too old we thought and we already bought him a book so we didn't buy it. Maybe next time.

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