Monday, September 6, 2010

Four Eyes

My vision has slowly been getting worse. Now that I'm thirty, I guess it's about that time to start buying the glasses, the walker and the prune juice. Kidding aside, even though it's only a -.5 (up from -.25 when I was 28), glasses will probably help a lot while I'm working on a computer all day. If the store's open and I can find a pair that is decent looking, I might bring it home.

There was an interesting pair I found with thick black rims all the way around. I felt it made me look smart and cool in a "hi I'm a mac"(guy from the apple commercial) or an indie rocker kind of way but she disagreed. She said I just looked like a dork so I guess I'll go with the thinner frame... unless they're on sale. Then I might have to pull the guitar from the attic and start a garage band... If only I had a garage.

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