Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Home Construction

Here you can see our house as we went through our phases of construction. Marcie was lucky to be gone for part of it. It's not easy living in one room and having to climb over your couch to get to your fridge.

A barrier was set up to keep mold or anything harmful from spreading to the other side of the house.

We had to move furniture so they would have working space.

Removal has been done and the boards have been treated (that's why they are green).

New carpet and paint has been applied. We're ready to start moving furniture back in.

Because we bough remnant, it was 1/3 of the cost. We were able to get quality carpet at a reasonable cost.

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Display homes said...

Looks like a very messy one, well good luck on your home construction. hope to see more pictures after it's done.