Monday, October 11, 2010


Last Thursday we had a soccer game at 9:45. The grass was turf and slick from dew so the ball really moved. We looked awful at first and by the half, we were down 3-0. Second half was a different story. We were able to make some traps despite the slick ball and our passing became better.

The first goal came while I had the ball in the box. I was able to dribble around a couple of people and had just enough time to get off a lefty. There were several people around me so the keeper's vision was obstructed till it was too late.

The second goal was a breakaway. John I believe it was beat the defender around 25 yards out and dribbled the ball in for a 1v1 against the keeper.

The final goal of the game came from a penalty kick. I had just received the ball and beaten a guy. I was dribbling inside the 18 and was about to shoot when a guy came plowing through. I'm not really sure what happened with the ball but he cracked me pretty good. Something, probably his knee, hit my quad and I went down. It was a nice little charlie horse that lasted till Sunday. Matt took the pk and scored.

It was a fun game and I'm really glad I got to play even if yard work Saturday became difficult the next day. On that note, we converted a hill to four plant beds. The wall is up and the ground is level. Now all we have to do is fill in some dirt behind each edge and dig out middle to replace with decent soil. There also may be an issue with our septic line that goes under there that we might have to fix. We may end up working on that tomorrow if there is time.

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