Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dirty Jobs

Marcie and I could have been featured on that tv show about the jobs that are pretty dirty. We found our sewer line had been cracked and a section was missing. It had been like this for years and luckily our ground perks otherwise it would have been a mess. In any case, We decided we should fix the issue rather then leave it.

It was actually quite amazing that all this time, we had an earth made septic tank down there. It was a little cavern where water and other things could wash out to break down into the soil. We had to dig around the pipe and then using a hack saw, cut it off. Once the edges were smooth and no longer chipped, we were able to attach the new pipe. I'm not sure how much money we saved but I wonder if it was worth it. Marcie started feeling sick and couldn't help till the very end and I didn't much like it either. We finished so we can start using water again.

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